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Carpet Cleaning in Queens

UCM Cleaning Services, your best choice for home carpet cleaning, upholstery carpet cleaning, pet odor removal and furniture cleaning gives you some carpet stain dos and don'ts list .

Do act quickly. Once a spill has dried, it is much more difficult to remove, particularly if you are dealing with dark liquids, such as red wine, or liquids with harsh smells, such as pet urine.

Don't rub. When you rub a carpet stain, you are merely rubbing the offending matter or liquid down into the base of the carpet.

Do pick-up and blot. Pick up any solid matter. Blot liquids using dry white towels, rags or paper towels. Don't use harsh cleaning products on your carpet. Not only can they release toxic fumes into your indoor environment, they can also lead to permanent damage. In many cases, a homemade cleaning solution made from baking soda and vinegar or dishwashing liquid, can get the job done.

Do a spot test before applying anything to the carpet. Make sure to test whatever cleaning solution you are planning to use on your carpet. Choose a hidden or unseen area of the carpet, apply the product and wait to see how the carpet reacts. If you see no loss of color or fiber degradation, you are probably good to go.

Don't use over wet your carpet by using too much water or cleaning product. Damp carpets are a perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew and other bacteria.

Do use cold water when trying to remove a blood stain. Heat will set the stain, rather than remove it.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Queens, NY

Don't run out to rent or buy fancy equipment or expensive cleaning products if you're facing a difficult stain. Call UCM Cleaning Services - you'll not only save time and money, you'll save your carpet, as well.

UCM Cleaning Services uses environment friendly cleaning techniques and products. Call UCM Cleaning Services today at 917-765-8285 for a free estimate or to ask about how to deal with any specific carpet or upholstery cleaning problem you may be facing.

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