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Health Care: Allergy Control

You spend too much of your life indoors to ignore the air quality in your home or business. Indoor air quality affects you and everyone else who enters the building. Dust, pollen, dust mites, bacteria, dander, fungus, mold - the list of pollutants goes on and on. Some of these allergens waft in from outdoors, and there's nothing you can do to stop the flow completely, so the only way to help manage these allergies is through regular cleaning and maintenance.

At UCM Cleaning Services, we strive to remove as many pollutants and contaminants as possible from the air that you breathe. We are always happy to hear how our customers' allergies or asthma are so much better after our cleaning services.

A Sense of Responsibility

That might seem like the only important outcome, but for us it's the just the beginning. We choose environmentally friendly processes because we assume responsibility for what substances we introduce into the environment. Our specially formulated cleaning agents are non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and safe for use around young children and pets.

Cleaning for Better Health

If you or someone you love suffers from allergies, UCM Cleaning Services recommends the following periodic cleaning services to reduce allergen levels:

Carpet cleaning

Carpet acts as a filter, drawing allergenic pollutants and other contaminants deep down inside and keeping them out of the air you breathe. Like any filter, your carpet needs to be cleaned, or pollutants that would have otherwise been safely trapped away will continue to waft through your living space. A thorough carpet cleaning removes particles from the base of the carpeting, making room for new pollutants to be caught and kept out of the air.

Rug cleaning

Rugs work just like carpets, trapping dirt, dust, dander and other particles. Since rug cleaning may temporarily re-release pollutants into the air at the cleaning location, taking the rug elsewhere for cleaning minimizes the particles that may aggravate allergies. UCM Cleaning Services offers free pickup and delivery for rugs to be cleaned at our in-plant rug cleaning facility, taking dusty, dirty rugs and returning them beautifully clean.

Upholstery cleaning

Sitting on dusty upholstery - resting your head on a repository of pollen and microbes - upholstery cleaning is an essential part of allergy management. The more you can do to remove allergens from the surroundings, the better the allergy sufferer will feel.

Air duct cleaning

Your air duct system is another filter for pollen, bacteria, dust mites and mold. It's easy to picture what might happen each time the furnace blower or the cooling fan switches on - these particles, that you don't want to think about breathing, exiting the air ducts through the air registers, re-circulating ... For most people this isn't such a problem, but for asthmatics and others sensitive to air quality, this could have serious and worrying health effects.

The EPA recommends air duct cleaning for substantial visible mold growth, severely restricted air flow, and infestation by rodents and vermin. If you suspect any of these problems, call UCM Cleaning Services immediately. Your health may be at risk.

Please, find out the facts, and take them into consideration when making important cleaning decisions.

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