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Technical Information

UCM Cleaning Services employs a variety of cleaning methods and cleansers for all types of carpets, rugs and upholstery. Each of these methods has been extensively tested to ensure that they will provide ideal cleaning solutions. The technician onsite determines the best method to use after a careful evaluation of fiber composition, color, soil level, general condition and stubborn stains.

Hot water extraction

The hot-water extraction method, also called steam cleaning, is the most effective cleaning method available to carpet cleaners today. Hot water extraction works so well because it uses hot water alone or hot water together with a diluted cleaning solution. The hot water completely rinses out the cleaning solution and even removes existing detergent residue, which is important because detergent residue can be sticky and attract soil easily, causing the carpet, rug or upholstery to look dirty again more quickly. The extractor sucks away the water, cleaning solution and dirt, leaving clean carpet that will dry completely, with ventilation, in just a few hours.

Truck mount or portable

Truck mount extractors are the top-of-the-line equipment for hot water extraction. The extractor is mounted inside a truck or van, with long hoses for the cleaning solution and suction leading from the extractor into the building to be cleaned. With greater heating power and more powerful suction than portable units, truck mount extractors take less time to clean and extract more moisture for quicker drying.

If the property to be cleaned is too high up in a multi-story building or the available parking is too far away for the truck mount to reach, portable extractors also do a great job. These true professional grade machines work more efficiently than the machines available for rent from the supermarket or hardware store.

One reason the portable extractor takes longer to clean than the truck mount is the extra time the technician has to take to empty the waste water tank and refill the fresh water tank during the cleaning, since the tanks are on the extractor itself and must be smaller than the tanks on the truck mount. A portable extractor, however, does eliminate the long hoses lying on the floor from a truck mount extractor. These could be a tripping hazard for people walking through the property during the cleaning process.

Other cleaning methods

Shampoo treatments - Shampoos are massaged into the carpet, gently flushing out built-up soil and allergens, leaving a light, fresh smell. The newer shampoos use synthetic detergents which dry to a powder and can be vacuumed up once dry.

Foam - Foam is a low moisture method (the cleaning foams used are about 10% liquid and 90% air by volume). After applying the foam and working it through the carpet's fibers, it is allowed to dry and then the residue together with the loosened dirt are vacuumed up.

Bonnet (special absorbent pad) - Bonnet cleaning is excellent for regular maintenance at commercial sites. It is not recommended for shag or deep pile carpet. A diluted cleanser is sprayed onto the carpet, and then a moistened bonnet is attached to a rotary cleaner and moved over the carpet, agitating out the dirt and cleanser for the bonnet to absorb. The bonnet must be replaced when soiled while cleaning or it will spread the soil back onto the carpet.

Absorbent dry compounds - Absorbent dry compounds are very useful on delicate and special carpets to prevent over wetting and minimize color bleeding and shrinkage.

Deep cleaning - Deep cleaning is an individualized treatment for the smelliest, dirtiest carpets and rugs. Combining targeted pre-treatments with the most thorough cleaning we've got, our deep cleaning process also sanitizes and deodorizes.

Especially for Rugs

UCM Cleaning Services maintains a private facility for individualized treatment of all types of rugs, along with free pickup and delivery.

Using the right equipment and process is critical for valuable oriental rugs and antique rugs to avoid irreversible damage to these beautiful pieces. Our workshop is outfitted with state-of-the-art rug cleaning equipment for tailor-made cleaning to restore beauty and increase the longevity of every rug. Woven rugs especially require thorough dusting and then washing, not just surface cleaning, to remove deeply impacted soil from inside the rug down to the backing itself. Rugs can hide literally pounds of dust and dirt inside them without even appearing dirty. Comprehensive rug dusting in the workshop is modern, safe and controlled for optimum rug safety.

Our experienced rug cleaning technicians test the fibers of all rugs to make sure the dye is color fast before choosing the optimum rug cleaning method. Special attention is also given to cleaning the fringe. When a rug's fringe is soiled, it impacts the entire appearance of the rug. After cleaning, the rugs are efficiently dried in a ventilated, climate-controlled drying area before being rolled up and wrapped in paper for delivery.

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