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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning of carpets, upholstery and offices make sense as they offer a healthier environment for people to work in.

Offices are frequented by many people and thus unhealthy environment can risk the health of the entire workforce and be counter productive. With regular commercial cleaning of rugs and carpets deployed at such places, offices can reduce the health risks.

Carpet Cleaning - Aesthetic Too

Carpets are big purchases for industrial and commercial establishments. Fresh and clean carpeting are very appealing and maintaining it as fresh as new can add more dimensions to the work area. Commercial cleaning of carpets is more comprehensive than domestic carpet cleaning. Carpets in offices and businesses are subjected to heavy traffic and stubborn stains like food, gum, ink etc. Daily and regular commercial cleaning helps in better maintaining of commercial carpets.

Why Commercial Cleaning

Professional commercial cleaning of carpets is mandatory since commercial carpets are larger and a single person would find it difficult to clean them. Commercial cleaning of carpets is expertly facilitated by professional cleaners who have the right equipments, cleaning license, machines, techniques etc.

Commercial cleaning is performed during non business hours. Commercial cleaners first identify heavy traffic areas like canteen, doorways, stairwell etc carefully. Chemicals used do not cause health concerns for people working or employees of company.

The preferred method of commercial cleaning of carpets and upholstery is the bonnet method. In this method, absorbent pads with detergent are used to take dirt and dust out of carpets. Special shampoos are used for cleaning purposes and this makes carpets clean and dirt free. Steam cleaners are also employed in commercial cleaning. These are ideal for removal of stains.

Commercial cleaning services take up maintenance service like daily cleaning, restorative cleaning and preventive maintenance. They help you in keeping your work area clean as well as healthy.

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