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Awning Cleaning & Canopy Maintenance

Most modern businesses and malls are located in pleasant surroundings and awnings and canopies simply blend in esthetically.

Now UCM Cleaning Services knows that no matter what the motivation was for installing awnings and canopies, purely commercial or attractiveness, you still want them to look their best.

Like everything else in these modern times, your awnings pose a complex problem.
There are many kinds of fabric with varying chemical and physical properties that can be used to manufacture awnings. We at UCM Cleaning Services have the expert personnel to decide exactly how to maintain and clean your product satisfactorily.

During its manual cleaning process New York Carpet Cleaning will make sure that only the gentlest cleaning agents, guaranteed by the manufacturer of your product are used. In this way, we make sure that your product warranty is safeguarded.

By using us regularly, you ensure the long-life of your product.

This will prove to be highly economical as regular cleaning means less cleaning time and less agents per cleaning session - an immediate cost saving for you, the client.
In addition, we are sure that the cost of installing a new awning or canopy is far higher than regular cleaning costs.

Preventative maintenance is vital for the protection of your awnings.

If dirt, bird droppings, mildew and other contaminants are allowed to remain on the surface of an awning for an extended period of time, their chemicals will eventually cause the awning fabric to degrade.
Professional cleaning will remove these elements safely from your awnings, if applied in time.

Remember! In economical, cost-effective terms: "It is less expensive to maintain than it is to repair..."

New York Carpet Cleaning will also use the most efficient sealing chemicals and compounds to guarantee a long-lasting cleaning effect on your awnings.

There are a number of sounds reasoned for letting New York Carpet Cleaning take care of your awnings:

  • A clean estate is an attractive estate!
  • Attractive estates attract more people!
  • A clean awning in an attractive estate is the cherry at the top of the pudding!
  • Appearance is important. Revitalize old awnings!
  • Extend the effective life of your awning!
  • Maintain a positive image for your business and home!
  • Advertising is more effective on well cleaned and maintained awnings!
  • Avoid the costs of having to replace your awning!
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