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Carpet Cleaning in Staten Island

UCM Cleaning Services is the premier commercial and residential cleaning service in Staten Island, NY. Offering a wide range of services, including carpet steam cleaning, carpet stain removal, upholstery cleaning, furniture cleaning and emergency cleaning services, UCM Cleaning Services has the cleaning solutions you need at prices you can afford.

The goal of professional carpet cleaning such as UCM Cleaning Services is to remove the dirt and debris that has, over time, found its way to the base of your carpet and upholstery. This type of cleaning, which is somewhat time consuming and requires specialized equipment like commercial grade truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment for ultra-efficient steam cleaning. It should be conducted every eighteen to twenty-four months, depending on the amount of use your carpets and furniture are subject to.

Staten Island Carpet Cleaning Recommends:

There are plenty of steps you can, and should, take in between visits from Staten Island Carpet Cleaning:

  1. Stop dirt before it makes its way to your carpet. You might think of a welcome mat by the front door as a decorative item, but when used it will stop a certain amount of dirt from being introduced into your home.
  2. Runners and area rugs, which are usually easier to clean than carpets, placed in high traffic areas will not only trap dirt found on the soles of your shoes, they will also prevent premature signs of wear.
  3. Vacuum carpets and furniture weekly. Go over each area at least twice and make sure the vacuum bag or dust receptacle and filters are clean.
    Note: Proper vacuum maintenance is crucial for efficient functioning. Ignoring bags or receptacles that are over-filled or not replacing dirty filters not only affect your vacuum's suction power, but can also lead to overheating and other malfunctions.
  4. Deal with stains as soon as they happen. When dealing with stains it is important to remember to act quickly, but carefully. Pick up any solid matter; blot liquids with white paper towels or white kitchen towels. If you choose to apply a cleaning solution, test it first in an inconspicuous area.

UCM Cleaning Services offers free, no obligation estimates. Call us now at 917-765-8285. Ask about bundling services for additional savings.

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