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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know before buying an expensive carpet?

Make sure that you buy a carpet that meets all the required standards as to color-fastness, shrinkage and fiber content. Your carpet should have the quality of being cleaned on a regular basis without suffering unnecessary damage. Remember, your carpet is going to need maintenance to keep it looking good and cheaper carpets might not be worthwhile in the long run.

I have just been given an expensive Oriental area rug. It looks exquisite now and I want to keep it that way. Please help me.

When buying expensive area rugs such as oriental carpets, remember that regular treatment takes place right in your home. Buy a well engineered vacuum cleaner, preferable with a separate rotating brush so that you get as much of the abrasive household dust and mites on a weekly basis. Remember, that completely removing these harmful substances and organisms requires regular professional cleaning. Don't try and save here as domestic vacuum cleaners are not strong enough to remove all of these ingrained problems. Only professional equipment and know how.

My air ducts have not been cleaned for some time. Is it really necessary to clean them?

Air ducts do not generally need regular cleaning. You should call in a cleaning firm to advise you. Remember! Only give the cleaners the job once they have satisfied you completely that the duct indeed needs cleaning for more efficient contamination free air-conditioning and heating and that they have the capability, equipment and know-how to avoid soiling and contaminating the rest of your house while doing the job.

My dog has just urinated on my beautiful expensive Persian rug. I am afraid to eve start the cleaning process by myself. What should I do?

Well done! Approaching Carpet Cleaning New York was the first step in the right direction. The wrong treatment will often result in irreversible damage to your expensive rug. We recommend in-plant cleaning so that your rug will get the best care, cleaning and deodorizing that it deserves.

What should I know before contracting someone to clean my beautiful upholstered furniture?

Cleaning upholstered furniture involves 2 major operations:
1. Applying suitable cleansing agents for the type of cloth and dyes used.
2. Applying the correct amount of mechanical action to dislodge ingrained dust and grime.
Ask your cleaner to furnish you with references from satisfied customers. This should not present true professionals with any hardships. The emphasis here is on getting someone who understands fabrics and dyes so that no "accidental" damage occurs.

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